About WPLA Membership
The purpose of the Woodland Pond Lakefront Association is to own, maintain and improve the lake, boat ramp and picnic area, dam, spillways and associated property. A voluntary Board of Directors is responsible for managing these assets and the Association’s business.  Also, there are various committees that oversee specific activities of the Association.  Please feel free to contact any board member to become involved in the Association. The Board welcomes your input and help.
Membership in the Lakefront Association is open to all Woodland Pond, First Branch, and Cypress Glen lot owners.  Lots that share a property line with the lake are designated as A Members, and membership in the WPLA is required.  There are 108 Lakefront Lots.  All other lot owners may join the WPLA as B Members.  Annual dues are $550 for A Members and $385 for B Members.
Access and use of the lake are for members and their immediate families. A member must accompany all guests. Boats must be less than twenty-one (21) feet long and propelled manually or by battery power. Only boats owned by members are allowed on the lake. Boat decals are required each year to provide evidence of lake membership. Two decals are required for each watercraft at $5.00 per set. Access to the boat ramp can be obtained with a gate key ($25 deposit).  Boat storage racks at the ramp are available for rent for $40/year. 
New B Members must complete and sign the B Membership Agreement and send it to the WPLA Membership Director (Lori Shiffman: lorishiffman@gmail.com, 804-986-9624, 11312 Laurel Cove Lane).
B Membership Agreement
Boat Ramp Key Agreement
New A Members must complete the Membership Information Form and send to the WPLA Membership Director (as noted above).
Membership Information Form
Online Membership Information Form
Contact the WPLA Membership Director to join the WPLA and for any questions.